Electric Ladyland

Klar for vårens fargebonanza merker jeg. Det begynner å bli på tide å tilføye litt neon i min ellers så svarte garderobe. Bilder fra PlanetBlue. //Ready for summer! Love these pictures from Planet Blue.

MiH -Behind the scenes

Some behind the scenes pictures from shooting the catalogue for one of my favorite jeans brands -Made In Heaven. Source; Vanessa Jackman  


Here is one of the shoots we did in Texas, out in Kamille now. Tricia, the model was a real beauty, knew all her poses and so easy to work with. Even tough she didn't come to the casting, we all fell in love with her look at her card and made her come all the way from Dallas to work with us -so g...

Just now

Corinne is testing out her new hipstamatic function during the photo shoot. Clothes all over the place! Beautiful model Julianne is doing her thing... ...she´s got the most amazing eyes... In action! Line K is dressing the model! Corinne is doing the makeup while cute little Buddy ...

Hedi Slimane

I am never getting tired of watching these photos taken by Hedi Slimane taken for french Vogue 2007. Source; Hedi Slimane


I came to think its really long since I´ve posted any shoots.. Here is one that we didn´t sell, because its too dark for summer, but we wanted to do it anyway. Andrè is the photographer and Syliva is the posing queen! And I ´d die for that first white dress... I´m on my way to Stockholm to see t...

Tia Time

Here is an editorial I styled for MAG back in february. Photography is by Isabel Watson and Hair/Make-up is by Linda Wickman. The model is lovely Tia from Heartbreak.

Pretty in the Park

Sorry for the lousy updates over the weekend, I went to Copenhagen straight from a shoot, so I had no time to post.. Here is a shoot I styled for TOPP Magazine, Photo is by Richard Eriksen and Hair anf Make-up was done by Isabella Leikanger Mork. Our super helpful assistent was Stian K

Jolie Julie

I had forgotten about this test I styled with Photographer Isabel Watson ages ago. I really like it... Model is gorgous Andrea from Team

In my Room

Here is an editorial I styled for MAG with photographer Birgit Solhaug, Make-up by Corinne and Lovely Vibeke from Team Models.

Almost Famous

I am so excited to show you this test we did of Helene S from Teammodels way back when, I think it was one of her first shoots, yet Helene was a true pro! Photography by Veslemøy Vråskar, Styling by me, Line Kirkhus, and Hair/Make-up is by Corinne Alice Scau.Most of the clothes are from Carpe...


Remember this one? A test I did with Vibeke from Team in what feels like ages ago. The photographer was Kirsti Mørch, make-up by Tina Solberg Torstad, and Hairdresser Andrès Kløvstad, and assistent Linda. The clothes are mainly from TSH, Malene Birger, Gestuz, La Rare,Acne and Jessica Harris. Mo...


Remember this shoot I did Sandefjord, well it´s out in the newest MAG. Veslemøy Photographed it, I Styled it, and Corinne did the Hair and Make-up. Gorgeous Una from TFM models is the Model (duh..). For bigger pictures, on print you will have to go get the latest issue of MAG! Don´t forget the c...

Remember this?

A few months back I did a photo shoot, for MAG magazine in Norway. Well it´s out, and I though I´d better share it with you! For bigger pictures, you´ll have to buy the magazine..Photographer is Renate Thorseth, Model is Helene S from Team, Make-up is by Martine Børeng, I did the styling, and Lin...

MAG Fashion series teaser

Last January Photographer Isabel Watson, Linda Wickman (on make-up and hair) and me (styling) went to Miami to do a few fashion series for MAG magazine in Norway... This is from the July fashion editorial we did. I love this picture, the lighting and mood. New MAG is out any day now...

Last weeks photo shoot

Last week I had a couple of photo shoots, and one of them was with new model Hanna from Team. I think Hanna is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, so we were mesmerized when she started doing her thing. Such a gem, really nice to work with. Am awaiting the result in excitement...Ok,...

Sthlm part deux

Tomorrow, I get to fly off to Stockholm again. This time it is to see the new collection for La Redoute. Last time, they had some impressive shoes, so it´s very interesting to see how they haveevolved. I cannot wait, maybe there will be some Swedish shopping time too after... I already know the s...

Fridays Photo Shoot with Helene

We wereunfortunatewith the freezing weather, in Norway one neverknows.. And like last time I worked with Helene, it was biting cold. But she is a true pro and didn´t complain once.I borrowed this beautiful jacket from Gina Tricot, the new collection, as our poor needed to be warmed up in between ...

Last Weeks Photo Shoot

Last week I did two shoots at my friends lovelysummer house. The team was me on styling, Corinne on Hair/Make-up, Photographer Veslemøy andgorgeousmodel Una from Tfm. Corinne did a natural look on the make-up, and this is how it looks when she is doing her magic.Good thing we had this trolly for...

Early Bird

Source: Tfs Today I am going away to the coast to do to two photo shoots, I think it will be good, productive fun! I don´t know if we have got any internet down there, but I will try to update soon. Have a beautiful day!

Miami Love..

..And here are some shots of the hotel and the surroundings in Miami Beach.. Click for more..

Lazy Days Photo shoot

Photo: Isabel Watson,Styling: Me, Model: Taylor We did this amazing shoot in Miami for MAG magazine, the shoot had a cowboy feel to it as we were jumping in and out of the car, causelocations just happend to be there, straight in front of out eyes.. Our sweet model Taylor had to change in these ...


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