januar 2011


Me and Benedicte started the day with a work-breakfast at Kolonihagen today. Am absolutely in love with this lovely cafe in Frogner. I was wearing my brand new (home knitted by my grandmother and aunt) sweater, vintage jacket, skirt from Mango, shoes from Isabel Marant and my boyfriends scarf and Benedicte was wearing her amazing New York vintage jacket.

YSL nails

I got this YSL lacquer for Christmas and I love it. Combined it with Essie Jazz to get the YSL look. Think I´m gonna try combine it with dark purple as well.


For our Norwegian readers, I´m in today´s newspaper, VG giving tips about how to shop at a sale.


Went to a Luxottica event today to see the spring/summer trends for 2011. I usually stick to my RayBan's, but now I have maybe found a replacement.

Love these from Persol.

....and today's outfit. Jacket from Patrizia Pepe, jeans from Lord Richard, shoes from Acne and bag from Balenciaga.

Stefanel SS 2011

I love the look and feel in the Stefanel campaigns, it might have something to do with that they have Daria ( one of my all time favorite models) as their campaign girl.. But it works, I want to buy the whole collection..

Today´s outfit

We had some weird weather in Oslo today! My lovely assistant, Benedicte and I was styling for a shoot tomorrow. She was wearing these awesome camo pants by DVF and bag from Givenchy. I was wearing a coat from Won Hundred, poncho from Mĝller, pants by Rag & Bone, shoes by Carin Wester and bag from Pieces.

Eva & the Heartmakers

A few months ago I styled this photo of Eva and the Heartmakers and a few others for their upcoming album cover.  I can´t wait to hear and see the result! In the meantime the super talented band has received great reviews from all the Norwegian papers, including NyPost on their new album which is released late Feb. You can check it out here!

A true sunshine story

Today I´ll tell you a little sunshine story. For almost eight years ago when we just had opened our shop a lady came in to my mother. She had brought this amazing dress.

"Hi, I am coming to give this dress to your daughter ", she said.

"What do you mean? Buy it?, asked my mother.

"No, I will gladly give it to her. "

"Give it to her my mother gasped, what do you mean? "

" No, you see every fourth year I tend to give away the clothes I don´t use and I visited your store a while ago, and got the best service, so I'd like you to have this dress.

My mother was speechless and was standing with a gorgeous Chanel dress in her hands. She didn't know what she should say or what to do. All she could manage to say was “ Thank, but that’s too generous. You can´t give us this dress. The woman smiled and replied –please take it as a gift and this is my appreciation for your great customer service.

My mother asked for the woman's name, but she wouldn´t tell. When she had left our shop my mother stood there, quite shocked, and all she could think about was that this was too good to be true. She called the police (of course you are getting sceptic when someone is giving you a Chanel dress :)), and asked them what to do. The Police told her that there was nothing illegal to receive a gift like that, but of course it was not an everyday story.

A week later the generous lady mailed the receipt of the dress and extra buttons. There was no sender on the envelope. I've thought about this scenario so many times. I have written so many thank you notes but I don´t know whom to send it to. I love the dress and have used it many many times. And every time I am wearing I have the woman in my mind.


An outfit from today.

Wearing Jacket; Cathrine Hammel, Beanie; 291Venice, Leather pants; Current/Elliott, Bag; Alexander Wang, Shoes; Isabel Marant

Nail Tip

I just ordered gold and silver nail foil from Asos.com, and I can´t wait to try it out. I hope my nails will look as good as on the lovely Beauty Editor of Det Nye, Julie!! I´ll document it when it hits my mail box..

Today´s tip..

If you live in Oslo you should definitely drop by Holzweiler Agenturer´s big sale that is starting today. They usually have great stuff such as the Muubaa leather jackets, Gestuz, Black Lily and Dagmar to really good prices.

H&M Showroom

Went the by H&M showroom, don´t you just love all the colors? There was a few fabulous suede pieces there, that I need to get my claws on! Can´t wait for Spring!

Weekend Outfit

Sorry about my ghost-like appearance in these photos, I couldn´t take them outside cause of the weather, and it was really dark inside..

I am so tired of only wearing pants, so when I was going to a dinner the other day I put on my new skirt from Mango, shirt from Zara, jacket from Moschino and favorite fringy boots from Replay.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, tomorrow is a new day with work work work!

When are you coming home to me?

I bought the PS1 on eBay before Christmas, but unfortunately the seller didn´t ship to Norway. I had to send it to a friend who lives in the US. I have been waiting for it for over 3 weeks now..... can´t wait to get it!

You can do so many scoops on eBay, but I recommend that when it comes to bags you should get it verified at the pursefourm. I always do that to ensure that I am not ending up with a fake one. There are so many fake bags out there and good fakes as well, but it´s easy to see the difference when you know what to look for.

THE sponge

I´ve been recommended this, from make-up artists left and right. This is everyone´s top recommendation sponge wise, The beauty blender...We´ve tried it. and we´re sold..... This is it! Sponge-wise. The beauty sponge

Nice curve

Love the curves on these shoes from Zara´s new collection. They would look so good to the power suit! I have to try them on to see if they are as nice in the real life as they are on the picture.

source; Zara

Brushes of magic..

Brushes.. If you are not a beauty expert, it´s easy to not prioritize these little costly make-up ¨accessoires¨, but the importance of the right brushes cannot be hyped enough! The right ones will make your make-up experience so much easier! My personal favorites are Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and Jane Irdale.


Am in love with these colours combined with the clean white tops, feel so inspired..

Today I´m styling an editorial, and I´ll be posting some teasers from it on our Twitter!  Just started getting into it, so bare with us... But if anyone would like to follow us on Twitter, please do it HERE!

Have a great day!

Image Source: Le Fashion

In my closet!

I had a really fun photo-shoot with a Norwegian magazine today. I´ll tell you more later. Here are some in-my-closet (or more like in-my-shoe/bag-closet) pictures from today.

The skirt

Love this skirt from TopShop! We are currently booking fashion weeks. and this would look perfect in one of those suitcases, I´d probably pair it with a nude turtle neck and pendleton hat..

Line & Jo

Bought some Line&Jo jewellery in Copenhagen during fashion week last February. I have been using them so much so now I have added some new items in my collection. I love that their pieces are constructed with an elegantly sophisticated detail embodied in an edgier, rawer and all around attention grabbing silhouette.

Miss Erlanger earring, Miss Ending earring and Miss Ebbens earring.

Miss Gillian Nelisson necklace, Miss Gilley Neason necklace, Miss Garnilla Newmann necklace.

Miss Eugena earring, Miss Ewell earring, Miss Neason necklace, Miss Ninni Black.

Miss Eugena earring, Miss Ewell earring, Miss Neason necklace.

Miss Ewell earring, Miss Neason necklace, Miss Ninni Black.


I am working on a little DIY project with inspiration by these catwalk photos from Chloé and Ralph Lauren.

I´ll show you the result when I am finished (it takes time!!)..

If you don´t have the patience, this one from TopShop isn´t to bad either.

Source; Style.com


Forgot to show you this, its from a shoot that came out in Det Nye right before Christmas, I envy those girls´ hair!

Photo Renate Thorset, Styling by me, styling assistant Benedicte, Hair by Erik Thorsen, Make-up by Stine and bot models are from Mikas.

The perfect gift

This was the best gift I got for Christmas, an antique gold watch from my mom. It is so slim and perfect, it is the most beautiful and versatile  accessory for everyday wear day or night!

Sheer and lace..

I will definitely start wearing more sheer skirts and dresses when I see this collection from Australian label Shakuhachi. This massive collection is filled with floaty long skirts and dresses in lace trimmed sheer goodness. It´s perfect as it'd allow me to have bare legs without baring my legs.

Filippa K.

"This season’s campaign is about bringing back the essence of Filippa K, the Scandinavian heritage, the pure and simple style and an intimate feel. We felt there was a perfect match between photographer Camilla Ċkrans and top models Katrin and Vincent along with the minimalistic vibe of the collection", says Eva Boding, Filippa K.

Source; Filippa K

Vanessa Bruno

I just had to post this video from Vanessa Bruno SS11 collection, that you probably already have seen. The background music is made by the Danish band Efterklang and Valentine Fillol-Cordier and Lou Doillon as headpersons.

source; Vanessa Bruno

See through

Found this skirt when I was looking through my mothers old wardrobe. I remember how much I loved it when I was little. Love the light fabric and the see through layers. I am wearing it with Stine Goya sweater and Givenchy shoes.

Low Luv

“Erin has an incredible body and face, and she understands better than anyone the idea behind her designs. The clothes were not necessary!” So says photographer Paola Kudacki of her collaboration with Erin Wasson on the new lookbook for Wasson’s Low Luv jewelry line.

Source; thedailytruffle

Clean and classic..

I was quite sceptic when I heard that Victoria Beckham was releasing her bag collection. I actually think she has a great fashion sense, but it is often too "posh" from my point of view. I don´t know if that's because she never looks relaxed or because there is something about her that just makes it tacky?

But I must admit that I kind of like the clean lines and the classic retro design in her new bag collection. Its already sold out, so she must have done something right!!

source; neiman marcus

Channeling Brigitte Bardot

I am so obsessed over the Brigitte Bardot look lately, and am even contemplating going blonder, and getting bangs... Looove these new campaign ads from new Dior Addict lipstick, I have to say, Miss Moss looks stunning..

New years!

Had an amazing New years eve with the best people in the world! Turkey, champagne and of course Abba´s "happy new year" on the loudspeakers made the evening even more perfect.

The outfit for the evening wasn´t too exciting, but I was wearing an old TopShop dress, Oroblu stockings and Givenchy shoes.