februar 2010

Fashion loves Lady Gaga



Miss Gaga is stepping up her game, and got Prada and Armani to design costumes for her upsoming tour including eyewear and footwear. It can´t top her McQueen off course, but these sketches sure are looking pretty awesome, can´t wait to see!

Source: WWD

Aviator Jacket Orgasm

Any of you who has followed my blog has probably noticed I am slightly obsessed with the Aviator jacket. OMG (sorry) I got a Aviator outwear orgasm overdose at the Burberry show, I would have them all if I could, but the leather one has my name on it. Wow, how I loved that collection, and the shoes...Did you see those boots? Will post them tomorrow, nighty night!

Source: Burberry

Randoms from last week...

Wearing my patent leggings from Lindex, second hand boots and jacket, and Vivikes Luxe scarf

You cant really see it well but over a hoodie, I`m wearing a Gilet from Vivikes Luxe in goat fur that has quickly become one of my everyday must wears.

We did a shoot at this great location, all the plants were dead, but it was gorgeous!

Fabulous cupcakes at TSH

And Goodies...

Erlend in my jacket

Mariann DJing at Samsøe & Samsøe.

Mardou & Dean from the opening of fashion week, they were the Nåløyet winner this year. Well deserved, loved their clothes...

Mardou & Dean

The Samsøe boys

Stylist and Fashion Editor of Woman Magazine, Lillian Vangen was wearing the Samsøe jacket from the fall 2010 collection, and I MUST have it!

Her clutch was from Zara, I love the blue with the gold...

This was a messy post.. Sorry. I am so fed up with the snow and the below zero temperatures, that I intend to stay inside till it stops! Anyway thats how I feel like, and I wish I was in London right about now. For us unlucky ones who aren´t you can check out the Burberry Prosum show live HERE! in just a few hours, 17.00 Central European time (Norwegian time), and 16.00 London time. Cannot wait, Enjoy!

Veronica Vallenes

Veronica was this years newcomer at Norwegian Fashion Week. Danish schooled Veronica has shown in Denmark before, but this was her first time in Norway.  One could clearly see the Danish influence in her design, which was clean, constructed and delicate. Also loved the huge earrings! She started the show with a beautiful inspirational film. (The first pictures are stills of that..)

Memoires des Copenhague

From the top.

1.Met sweet Ingrid from Anywho, who tipped us about the shopping and lunching.

2.Beautiful Julie from Kamille, Silje and I was invited to dinner at Karriere bar, and Hugo Boss party by the lovely Pressekontakterna girls.

3. Prince Pelayo, had on the most faboulous biker jacket I have ever seen...

4. Lunch at Riccos (Recomended by Ingrid).If you go there, you have to get the carrot and ginger juice, YUM! Copenhagen was so cold my lence was frosted..

5. Met lovely Eva from Wigerstil at St. Petri

6. Silje gorgeous as always, dining at Cafè Victor

7. Gala Gonzales, was wearing the Burberrys and had gotten the same Weekday top as I had. She is so sweet and looked great!

8. Louise Petersen in a wonderful editorial for Eurowoman

9.Silje from one of the first days, was wearing an H&M wrap dress and jacket, Marc by Marc bag, and Whyred shoes...

10. Line from Carpe Diem had found The Hermes bracelet at Portobello market in London, I tried it on and ran for the exit.. (in my mind, hehe)

11. I also got to try on Eva s American Retro leather jacket. Isn´t it just dreamy?


I die... I really really am getting this Jacket!! Love it soo! Its from the Helmut Lang AW2010 collection. Love the shoes and kaki pants too...Hope you all had a great Valentines Day. I was met with a homemade gourmet meal, and one hot boyfriend.. Okay, got to work!

Source : Le Cheap cést Chic


I was impressed by Norwegian designer FIN yesterday, they had made a beautiful and tasteful collection. It was totally wearable and sellable, and I saw several pieces I´d love to own. The hooded outfit, the long lavender maxi dress and the woollen pants were my favourites. The guys came out in hosiery, but the cardigans and gigantic scarves was awesome. I also recognized a lot of the models from Norway, which I thought was very nice.


I did a little shopping yesterday, and came home with this second hand jacket and bag. And this stripy piece from Weekday. My tights are Gestuz and boots are vintage from Tonica in Oslo, the hat is also second hand. I am really exhausted from this week, but it has been so inspirational and wonderful, we have met so many interesting and lovely people. Now we have the rest of the weekend off, and are just planning to enjoy the wonderful city of Copenhagen, shopping and dining, yupee! Also, I bought a lot of new things, and will put it in a post a little later on.

Samsøe & Samsøe breakfast

Lovely Merete from Polhem PR was wearing a beautiful (Marius sweater inspired) knit dress from Samsøes new collection.

Vibeke from Det Nye and Eline from Woman, and Merete is holding her favourite piece in the background

Me and Live from Elle Norway

Yesterday the press were invited to the Samsøe stand at Forum, to have a look at the new collection and get a little info about the brand and where its going. I have always liked Samsøe as they design minimalistic, constructed and affordable clothes, in wonderful fabrics. We were treated to a Japanese breakfast and a drinks too. I liked the shoes in the new collection and really fell for a lovely silk blouse, t-shirt dress and biker jacket ( Acne look-alike in suede), for a third of the price...

Yesterdays Outfits


Scarf ( a new favourite of mine) from Vivikes Lux, sweater by Gestuz, pants from Carin Wester for Weekday, second hand belt and boots.


Got the dress to hide my wonky wounded leg... Dress from Acne, Necklace from H&M many years ago and shoes are from Burberry. I´ll post more later I have taken loads of pictures, but I am nackered and need alittle sleep before the shows begins again. XXX

Heavenly Noblesse

Silje from Minmote, Jan Gunnar and me getting some front row action

It feels wrong writing about this show now that I heard the tragic news, and I was so excited and high from the Noblesse show when I was starting to write this post, but I`m left here with a heavy stone in my stomach from hearing about Alexander McQueens passing.... Noblesse was nothing short of amazing, I would wear everything. The models was great, make-up and hair was perfection, the location, music, it was all just breathtaking. It was held at beautiful Nimb. But I am lost for words...

Spoon Diogo

Me and Stylist Jan Gunnar.

My crutches has reflectors on them, fancy ha? I feel like Cruella DeVille for some reason...

Silje, here with Ivan Roddick was wearing this amazing jacket from H&Ms garden collection.

My favorite of the shows yesterday was Spoon Diogo, it was fast paced, conceptual, extremely well constructed garments and very cool. I didn´t get good pictures because the models were super fast, but it was a great show, and if it hadn´t started over 45 mins too late it would´ve been perfect. The black see threw top with the broad shoulders were my favourite.

Catwalk picture from Copenhagen Fashion Week

Louise Amstrup

Copenhagen fashion week day one, first show, Louise Amstrup. I am Before the show me and my partner in crime Silje from Minmote was hanging out with the lovely Gala Gonzales, Prince Pelayo and Ivan Roddic from Facehunter. Gala had on this great long cardigan from Dries Van Noten mens (a few seasons ago). Supermodel Louise Pedersen opened the show, which was innovative and fresh, I especially loved the stripy jumpsuit, the long structured coat and the outfit on the last picture. I´ll post some Rutzou and and Spoon Diogo pics in the morning, now I, my swollen leg and my crutch are taking a rest for the night. Sweet dreams...zzzzz

Pictures by me and Silje/Minmote

Helena for Prada

Wowsa! She still manages to take my breath away, love these new ads of Helena Christensen for Prada.

Update: Sorry these are not new, but from the nineties...

We just arrived at our hotel smack in the middle of the city centre (couldn´t be better), and now we are off to get a bite before the events starts. Am super excited! I just got the G11, and will document my trip carefully, stay tuned ....

Source: FashionGoneRogue

Off Duty

I have to say, nothing looks better than a pair of legs that never ends. It´s the best accessory a girl can have by far, and I can´t wait till I can fake my way to that look again (by leg breaking high heels) (How do you think I broke it in the first place, I am a true fashion victim..)..

Anyhow, I´ve been working (pulling) all day today, and although my leg is pounding like it has its own heart, I made it, so I´m confident a couple of fashion shows will be a piece of cake. Also I am getting a new camera tomorrow, which means a lot of Copenhagen updates. Now, I am going to lay in bed and watch the latest fashion reality show with Kelly Cutrone, check out "Kell on Earth" here, enjoy

Photos from Altamira NYC and Trendycrew


I love Nudes, and I have to say I really love fashion right now. Its so beautiful/comfortable/feminine/minimalistic/pure yet structured. I want the Burberry look, a total nude ensemble that you can wear anywhere. Oh, and the shoes are especially great!

Check out these babies from Opening Ceremony, found them at Shopbop, and they are so mine. I am fed up with slusy streets and cold weather. Come spring and I´ll stroll in these. Yup

One of the shows i am looking most forward to see in Copenhagen is the Noir show, they are innovative, clean and sensual.

Today was a little more uplifting as I managed to go outside (first time in a week) to go to a meeting at MAG Magazine and to attend Canons launch of their new SLR camera 550D. Which is very nice I might add. Its slightly more pro than the 500D. I am totally satisfied with my G10 however, and have to recommend it to all bloggers out there. It is so easy to use, light weight, fits in your purse and takes great pictures and vid.

This is what I want to wear...

I love this outfit on Gala, I´d love to wear something like this right now. Instead I´m alittle worried, I feel like I am going one step forward and two backwards, as I still can´t walk and have to wear bandages. I was sure I´d be up and running by now, but no legs will be flashed by me at Copenhagen Fash week. I need proper cover-ups. And need to find maxi dresses and skirts tomorrow (if I can walk by then...). Anyone know where there are any good ones? (Not too expensive)

Source: Am-lul

Today´s inspiration

My perfect fashion week look, the Diego (Alexander Wang) bag, I still can´t get it out of my mind, and I want my closet full of jersey maxi dresses, (that would cover my none heel cladded feet... )This is from Acne .The fanny pack I´ll definately wear this spring, and this one from Kettle Black is perfect, maybe I´ll get my brether to get me somethin somethin from Texas. Flats don´t inspire me much, but these Chloes inspire me to recover overnight! They are just perfect! The necklace is from Ericson Beamon and haa little empress feel to it, it´s the kind of accessorie that goes with everything...

Sources: Fashiongonerogue, Alexander Wang, Shopbop, Net-a-porter, Forward


I am contributing to the Fretex Fashion Fanpage, that´s  Salvation Army in Norway. In that context I had my pictures taken, in my favourite Fretex outfits. You might recognize some of them from before.. I am currently recovering from a leg operation and, my life is neither fashionable nor interesting, I do get to use more hours in front of my laptop though, so look out for more posts. I am supposed to go to Copenhagen Fashion Week on Wednsday, and am training my leg... Please work!!! I am going with Silje from Minmote and we are going to have the best time, I´m sure. Fashion, Champagne and shopping, without high heels Buhuuu!!! Now, I just neeed to learn how to walk by Wednsday. Photo: Veslemøy