april 2009

Latest MAG





In new MAG my first of 4 fashion stories from my Miami trip will appear. Its a 8 page spread, and its called Lazy days. In addition to that I´ve done TrendNytt and 8 other pages. There is so much fun stuff to read about throughout the MAG, so run out and get it!

Lazy Days Photo shoot



Photo: Isabel Watson, Styling: Me, Model: Taylor

We did this amazing shoot in Miami for MAG magazine, the shoot had a cowboy feel to it as we were jumping in and out of the car, cause locations just happend to be there, straight in front of out eyes.. Our sweet model Taylor had to change in these random places...Such a fun shoot!

Thank You for a fantastic day ladies!  lazygirl8



London is calling my name...


So in preparation I`ve scooped my fave London shops for some lovelies I`d like to get my hands on. Perfect additions to my spring closet, and they`ll definitely get one happy owner!

1. AllSaints 2.TopShop 3.TopShop 4. AllSaints 5. Asos 6. TopShop 7. Asos 8. Aldo 9. AllSaints


3Am absolutely loving the new BikBok ads! They` re taken in Miami, by Isabel Watson,  who I` ve been lucky enough to work with on several occations, I`ll post some of the results shortly. You Might recognize the models as bloggers Karoline, Carolina and Maja. Having been photographed a few times before, I´d say the girls look really good! 1