juli 2009

Vintage and Rosé in Brick Lane

brick7Rocket Vintage has almost everything you want. They are pretty cheap and they have a reconstructed own brand ( I got a little bag) They have two departments right next to each other, an I think the one on the picture below is more of a retro store.  Brick4brickI have a lot of sunglasses, but somehow I always seem to forget to pack them, just like my tooth brush ( that always tend to find its way home with me though, and I could start a shop). Anywho, I got these granny ones at Mango, and I kind of like them.

The jeans are BikBok, my Shoes are Acne, the long top/dress is from Samsøe & Samsøe, the shirt is from GAP. Ouh and again, I don´t know what Laila is wearing, but she looked hot as usual!brick2In the middle of the car parc we found this genious café/Restaurant where everything is organic, and made on the Bus!brick1brick9Never mind the 80s Mullet... I got myself some vintage sunglasses from Rokit. They are black and Silver, not black and white. brick6

brick8Lailas studded horse necklacebrick5Wearing my new sunnies and bright bright purple leather vintage jacket from Rokit.

A walk around Notting Hill

What I love the most about being here this time is that I´m not in a rush, so me and my friend Laila was wasting some time in Notting Hill yesterday. It´s weird, after all the shops are closed, the Portobello Rd is like a ghost town. nottinghillLaila and I used to hang out a lot, when i lived in London, and it is allways so good to go back and catch up. I love Lailas dress sense, so effortless and cool. Relaxed Londoner... Hehe

Her T is from Uniqlo, shorts are Diesel, the rest I can´t remember, sorry!

nottinghill6Laila has just come home from a trip around the world, and was carrying goods from India, both necklace and bag was from there.nottinghill5notytinghill3You probably recognize the top (TopShop) and shoes (Acne) I am wearing from here, belt is my mums old one, the shorts are from Weekday

Good morning sunshines

rosieIts my last full day in London, and I am going to make the best of it! It has been so lovely being back, I have to tell you. The museums, galleries architecture, people and places is so refreshing. I feel like creativity comes from everywhere.Iwouldn´t mind staying for a month, but it isn´t so bad going back. Not when I think about my job anyway, it is so much fun, hehe.Also I hear new MAG is out, can´t wait to see it...

Source: Mote.no

Wedding Bonanza

bryllup7Bride Anna- Maria looked stunning, and groom Martin looked smart getting hitched at the Swedish church in London

bryllup5The wedding reception was really grand, and was held at superswank hotel The Landmarkbryllup6Its the only picture I got of the lovely bride, I had set the camera on 1600 ISO so thats why its so grainy. But the dress, was absolutely fantastic. It was beaded all over, it was done by a spanish designer I can´t remember, sorry..

bryllup2The table settingbryllup3My partner in crime, Lena looked great in her midnight blue dress, shoes were from TopShopbryllup4Singer/Songwriter Lydia had on this sweet dress from Lou, it had little beads randomly scattered all over, and it was just precious. I think the shoes were River Island...

bryllupI was wearing this BikBok dress I wrote about here. The new TopShop shoes and necklace, and braclet from Urban Outfitters.

My LDN buys so far

Okay, so its really not that major, but here is what I´ve bought. In my defense, I have been staying in my hotel working for most of the time. I did see this amazing uniform-ish leather Dolce & Gabbana vintage jacket on Monday, but when I came back for it yesterday, a lady had bought it right after I was in... I had been hanging there for 3 months... Dammit idag4Slouchy super comfy from Urban Outfittersidag3See threw relaxed 3/4 sleeve Tidag5Patrizia Pepe see threw finely knit top, I´m looking for the right time to wear it. It doesn´t look like much on the hanger though...


idag8Freedom @ TopShopidag9These I got from the sale @ Acne before I went. Am in love with them!idag10I got these from TopShop day day of the wedding. My feet were absolutely broken from running around in Super High heels all the time , so I had to get the most comfortable pair I could find. Its a good reason to get new shoes, but I probably wouldn´t get these if I could choose freely. TopShop has amazing shoes right now!

One night

Before the wedding, the couple thought it  would be a good idea for everyone to meet before their big day. So we all met up for drinks in this cute pub in Marylebone. meg2The pictures are so grainy, because I prefer them taken without a flash. So you can´t really see the lovely details in my new necklace. I´ll post a " Shopping so far post" later today. The trousers are from this thrift shop in Stockholm, The shoes are Zara, The shirt is new and its my new favorite, the cotton is so soft, its from GAP, necklace is TopShop, belt is same old Lindex and bag is Portobello Rd. Marked.

meg3Still got more work to do, so I´m hiding out in my hotel room. I´m glad its a lovely hotel, with spacey rooms and soft sheets. First I´m off to get some breakfast. Have a lovely day!

Yo from LDN

I am currently finding myself in London, where some of you might know I used to live. It is so lovely being back, and I am here for a full week. So I promise the blog will be on my mind when I´m out and about, but first I have to consentrate on some work things I brought with me .

And, you guys I know I´ve started a few of my posts lately with, I ´m sorry for not having posted.. So I am not going to do that this time, I have simply had a Holiday away from blogging as well as my mac, internet and fashion. Sometimes to gather inspiration and creativity I have to do that. I havn´t stopped taking pictures though, so here is my holiday yacht party outfit from last week!

megThis is such a cheap out fit, hehe. The T- is a pressie from H&M, the shorts are really old H&Ms that I got on sale like 3 years ago, the shoes are Din Sko, and you know that old belt that I use to everything, is from Lindex...

Ok, got to work, but I promise to post more later XXX

Ups! I slipped...

I am in between holidays and going to London next week, so I really should´t shop, I had actually given myself a ban... But today I stumbled into BikBok, where they had a sale...idag2I´m going to two weddings this summer, and this one shoulder fuschia dress is perfect for a summer wedding. And I really couldn´t believe that it wasn´t silk, I´m usually quite good at spotting it, but they fooled me. There was so many of it left too, so it was on 70% off, wich made out to be 100 kr, thats about £10. So an absolute bagain, and it fitted just right too. idag3I can never have enough of the tight mini dresses, this is slightly bleached and distressed cotton, and goes with every shoe in my closetidag4I wanted a very light pair of jeans, I was thinking of white until I saw this one, almost white super bleached jean, on sale for 199 kr. Its all about the nearly white denim this season.idag1Bowing my head in a shopping shame..

I´m wearing top from Gina Tricot, Skirt from H&M (I bought it 3-4 sizes too big so I could wear it scrupled)Hat from thrift shop in Miami and shoes are from Monki

Holiday Volume 1

First of all, I am so sorry for not having posted anything while I´ve been in Greece, but I have to say it was nice to leave mac, phone, internet and work at home for a week, hehe... There are unfortunately not many outfit pictures in this post, as the intense heat and 132 mosquito bites on my body at all times doesn´t really make me want to have my picture taken... That said, here is my Grecian holiday pics (guess this post is a little more personal than usual, but here it goes..)hellas2hellas1Out to dinner in the ancient town of Rhodes, I´m wearing a 6 yrs old Day by Birger et Mikkelsen, shoes from Strutt and bag is from Portobello markedhellas3hellas4The dress is my Miss Selfridges one, and the belt was my mums

hellas7My boyfriend was kiting while I tried to work up a tan, he tried to teach me too, and I have to say that it is so much fun, its also a great workout! I´m definitely taking it up!hellas8I tried to dive for the first time, I quickly realized that I couldn´t pull off the cool diver look... hellas6And the umbrella drinks, haha. I haven´t actually been on this sort of trip before, where all the restaurants you pass has pictures of the food instead of the menu... The touristy things are such a cliche, but it has to be done. I embraced it!hellas5

Ralph Lauren Safari

You know how the women in the ralph lauren campaigns are on a safari, that how i feel right now, top is diane von furstenberg, shorts is weekday and hat is thrift shop from Miami, necklace is from Celine Engelstad. Me at the AirPort. Greece Next!