juli 2010

Patrizia Pepe

I dropped by Mildh Press today, and fell absolutely in love with this amazing Patrizia Pepe AW 10 jacket, I need it! Love the colour especially on the inside... My stomach still aches for it... I also reconnected with my old Fornarina nude boots, and have been wearing them three days straight! I am at a shoot at the moment, and have so many nice things I´ll post later.

St Tropez marked

I love markets, and the St. Tropez one was great, I fell in love with this vintage Luis Vuitton mailman bag and Line L wanted a LV suitcase... Next time maybe..? They also had flawless Hermes Birkins, but I never really understood the fuss about them.

Line L was wearing her gorgeous vintage Balenciaga sandals and got herself a super cool army trench jacket. I got a cuff and a ring, and a crazy gilet I´ll post later.

St. Maxime Outfit

I´ve grown very found of my COS dress, and wore it to one of our outings to Sainte Maxime. I got myself my new Pradas in a super cute vintage boutique here. And I´ve been wearing them ever since!!

Miu Miu

I have been looking so long for this Miu Miu bag and in February I found it on eBay. Lucky me! Love the suede leather and the colour combination....

St. Tropez

We are chilling in south of France at the moment, and are experiencing problems with internet and photoshop...  Sorry, but we´ll be back properly by the end of next week, with a lot of photos from our trip, until then enjoy !

Here we are in St. Tropez. Both of us got ourselves new wedges Line L in Miu Miu´s and Line K in Prada´s.

Chanel J´adore!

The first two-three outfits I thought ok..hmm? And then, wow! Karl Lagerfeld has outdone himself, I love love love this collection! It´s so sophisticated, so cool and soso Chanel.

I can´t get over the shoes! And I´m definitely trying the new skirt length asap.

Image source: Style.com

Hello lover...

Its so hot outside, so I can´t show an outfit picture with the jacket yet. But its hanging in my closet and waiting for keeping me warm when the weather gets colder...

Made for walking...

Visited my good friend Nina the other day at studio G12. They had the got the most amazing handmade mexican boots. I have been waiting for them since she showed me the pictures 6 months ago. And now they had finally arrived! New shoes in the closet -I like!


Battaglia is my favorite shop in St.Tropez. It is more edgy than some of the other shops that are too much "St.Tropez" from my point of view. I can´t wait to get down there to find some hidden treasures...