september 2010


It´s getting colder, so I have to start wearing socks in my shoes. Bought a new poncho the other day, it´s really warm, so now I am ready for the winter...

Marant craving!

At Høyer Luxury this incredible beauty from Isabel Marant was screaming my name when I was out pulling last week, so I just had to try it on . It´s insanely amazing but unfortunately not for anyone on a budget (sad).

New Boots

I got myself a new pair of favorite autumn boots, they are from Nome, and will be worn frequently until the snow falls ( ps. forgot that I had hooked a belt buckle on my skirt..)...


Pants; Muderingscompagniet, Shoes; Roots, Jacket; Karin Wester, Bag; Alexander Wang, vest; Caan

Photo; Renate Thorseth


I was wearing an Isabel Marant dress. Gorgeous Kathrine Sørland was wearing all Lindex. All the beautiful girls, Linda, Hillevi, Julie, Camilla and Vibeke made the overnight stay magical. Kathrine Sørland and Carmen Kass star studded the evening for us...

Faliero Sarti

I am totally in love with all the scarves from Faliero Sarti. Right now I am craving a dark green scarf with black details that are in stores in November. This grey one isn´t to bad either...


Its autumn in Norway now, and at the mountains last week we had to dress thereafter. I´m wearing boots from Mango, Vintage hat, blouse from Replay and poncho from Glitter.

Photo by Renate Thorseth

THE wedding..

Here are some more pictures from the gorgeous wedding in France this weekend.

I am trying not to let the rose leaves blow away....

Me, Celine and Bjørn Erik.

Waiting for the bride...

The beautiful bride in a stunning Fendi dress..

Lovely Line K in her Isabel Marant dress.

Karoline in her fantastic Marlene Birger dress..

Happy girls!

The happy couple.

Trying to get the flowers...

Line K is the happy one!!!

....which means she is the next one out??

Pretty Nina!

Happy honeymoon!!!

The jacket

I just love this jacket from TopShop Unique and have been looking all over for it!! It´s sold out online (crap!), and I am checking every minute if they´ll get in back in stock again. Line K is in Stockholm today and I am crossing my fingers that she´ll find it for me....



We spent the weekend in France, in the most amazing wedding at chateau Durantine.

I´ll show you some more pictures later.

Karoline, Julie and me at the wedding

Just now

Corinne is testing out her new hipstamatic function during the photo shoot.

Clothes all over the place!

Beautiful model Julianne is doing her thing...

...she´s got the most amazing eyes...

In action! Line K is dressing the model!

Corinne is doing the makeup while cute little Buddy is just hanging around, curious of what´s  happening.

Last week...

Here are some behind the scenes from last weeks shoot with gorgeous Helene from Team. I´ve already seen the pictures, and they look awesome, so if you live in Norway be sure to pick up next issue of Topp magazine. The photographer is super talented Oda Berby, and on make-up and hair was Corinne. Sigve was the photographer´s assistent.

In the making of...

...the same bracelet.

And the result without diamond beads..

...and the finished result with diamonds

Learning how to make the same bracelet. It takes ages, but it´s worth every sore finger and every minute of concentration.


Every time I am in Copenhagen, I always have to stop by my favorite flower shop.

The outfit; Jacket; Henry Cotton, Tank; T by Alexander Wang, Necklace; Barbara I Gongini, Bag; Chanel, Jeans; Current/Elliott, Shoes; Buttero

The best Carpaccio in the world at Cafe Victor

The outfit for the night; Shirt; Current/Elliott, Skirt; tube top by Patrizia Pepe, Shoes; Isabel Marant, Bag; Hermes

And of course we had to have the danish "rødspette med remoulade og kartofler"


Please do excuse my attire as I now see i look like a hobbit, with that bulky sweater and vest... Anywho this is me and super sweet Alexandra Spencer in Stockholm. Must remember to wear sunnies next time..


Its time for a new contest!!

Leave a comment in the field and tell us whats your biggest fashion mistake!

Two lucky winners get a bracelet (either black or white) from American Retro.

Chloe boots

These beloved Chloe boots is actually my mothers, but I have borrowed them for ages now (2 years....). I know she is missing them, but I am crossing my fingers that she one day will forget about them (i doubt).

So a big thanks to my mother, that today I am wearing red shoes!