november 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes

sko14 sko22 sko15

Here are my favorite shoes from the styling. The first ones are from Bianco, and will make your legs supermodel long. The second ones are H&M and looks really great. I want them for spring when my legs are slightly more tanned. HOT. The last ones are my absolute faves. So well made, and a very nice Surface to Air copy from Bianco. The leather is smooth and nice, and they are really comfortable. Now we are off tho a ranch/farm to shoot. Have a nice day.

Poolside Backstage


6 AM food, mail, work , coffee, make-up...


Gorgeous Caitlin from PageParkes models in Houston, was working the bikini.cait11

The pool looks nice, but it was absolutely freezing, so we had to be quick. Caitlin was a real trooper.


This is my job, can you believe it? Sometimes I need to remind myself how very lucky I am...


Another hard day at work is over... No, just kidding, it was amazing shooting in the sun with Veslemøy and Caitlin. We´ve had a quick look over the photos already, and I´m so excited to see the end result. Have a great weekend! We have another shoot in the morning, so it´ll be an early night..