desember 2009

Shoot at Holmekollen Park Hotel


Here are some photos from a shoot I did for Norwegian Se og Hør at Holmekollen Park Hotell. Beauty queen Ingeborg Sørensen, Actress Marianne Vestby from the TV series Hotell Cesar and Editor in Chief of Henne Magazine and Norwegian Fashion ambassador, dancing with the stars contender (and the list goes on..) Ellen Arnstad, was the lovely celebrities I got to style. This was a very different experience for me, it was all really hectic, with short preparation time. And instead of lending next seasons clothes from press agencies and head offices, the magazine comes out in such a short time, so all the clothes was borrowed from stores around Oslo, to ensure that people can get a hold of them. It was a great experience working with these ladies, who knows exactly what they like and what they want to look like, contra working with models who gets paid to wear what I tell them too. If you wondered, I do like to do both! The best thing was, that they all desided to buy some of the stuff that I´d picked out for them, I take it as a compliment, hehe.


Ellen Arnstad looks smashing in a Oasis dress and those shoes from La Rare..lilisfashion2

One of my favorite styling items are these great Bianco shoes. They look so expensive when they´re on!


Ingeborg and Marianne, looked stunning, and was really lovely girls.


One Last Wish

If someone near and dear to me has forgotten about me this ear, fear not, any of these gems will do....

All from TopShop. Also, you might have noticed that my old archive is a bit wonky, and I´m sorry about that, it seems some of the photos got lost under the construction of the new site. We are working on getting everything up to scratch, please have patience with us..Wish you a lovely Christmas eve, I´m off to get the last pressies.

Beautiful Brigitte Bardot

This stunning classic beauty that never goes out of style, I´ve said it before, and I´m saying it again. Lara Stone resembles this 60s icon so much, here. f. ex they look practically the same. You can see it too right?

Photo source: Fashion Gone Rogue and google

Paolo Roversi for W Magazine

I love Paolos beautiful work, creative director Dennis Freeman narrates this gorgeous behind the scenes video from the " Dream Sequence" editorial in W magazine. I love how Paolo usually uses Polaroids, I wish everyone would start to use film again, somehow photography feels more of art using film, Dias or Polaroid...

J Dauphin

My friend Line had this insane bracelet on when we met for our annual girls Christmas dinner, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it! Its from J Dauphin and it´s the most beautiful thing ever. J Dauphin is a French/Swedish luxury brand that makes the most stunning jewelry and clothes, I also love these leather pants, but I think they´ve sold out... Anyways, Line has a Boutique called Carpe Diem in Skovveien and if any of you are ever in Oslo, you should definitely drop by, the y have the most amazing treasures there. The pants foto is taken from the Carpe Diem blog.

Rodarte for Target

Its funny how customers taste vary from place to place. The Rodarte for Target collection launched this weekend, and sold out online but is still stacked in the shops.I fell for this adorable dress in that lovely powder colour, and I love the lace detail in the back.  Style Rookies Tavi did a little video that I posted a week ago, that you should check out, where she talks with the Rodarte sisters on their collection and shows us behind the scenes from their ad campaign photo shoot.Next time Zac Posen is designing for Target, who seems to be stepping up their game, giving H&M some strong competition... I can´t wait to see what he comes up with.

Photo Source: TFS


I finally got some time off to go home relax and spend time with my family and my blog. I got this cape at Tonica Vintage a few weeks ago, its cashmere, and super warm. And as you can see from the lovely x-mas holiday weather, I need it.



Its too bad I on´t have a better picture, but this is what I was wearing at the Holmekollen shoot. My new Gestuz wrap cardigan, that i have been living in since I got it. And these amazing liquid pants, also from Gestuz, the shoes are from Burberry and the belt is from Lindex

BCBG Hotties

bcbgOuh, I was searching my ass off for these amazing BCBG wedges when I was in the US, but I think they were sold out, I´ve also even registered for an Ebay account over these little devils. Off course Jane from Seaofshoes has them.. Jealous. Ah, the things

I´d do for these....

Photo Source: SeaofShoes


Julie is looking trough the collection I love blue, especially midnight blue, this jacket caught my eye, and had black sequences all over it, beautiful... Studded blue bag... Mix it with some of your none blue pieces... If you have some..

Me and lovely Stine from Pressekontekterna. Love you my dear...

Me and Julie, tried on the Paul Ka for La Redoute Eyeshadows, pretty nice, don´t you think? Jan Gunnar, the lucky bastard had just been vacationing in Thailand. He always looks super fresh though.. And Louis Vuitton upd..Haha

Julie is on TV in Norway all the time, and had no problems answering some questions for the local station.Santa made interlay of Legos!!!!I realize this tree doesnt´ look so big, but honestly you guys, I was just in Texas, where everything is bigger than what it seems, this is huge!This top looks a little like Alexander Wangs...Me and Stine had a Wine break, Stine had another go at the shopping streets, but my feet said no, so I was just watching the spot at Riche...

Photo Source: Line and JoliOslo

Inspiration of the day

My days are pretty hectic at the moment, but I´m trying to do at least one post a day, until I´m taking my X-mas Holiday. I´ve got some really good new items from Weekday and Gestuz that I want to show you guys. Tomorrow I´m pulling styling for a shoot we are doing on Saturday, and handing in a piece for  a magazine, meeting with a photographer and hopefully trying to stay organized.. Haha, who am I kidding, it´ll be crazy. I am also working on new exciting things for the, that I hopefully can  tell you within the end of next week. Have a fun thursday night!

Photo Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

X-Mas Partytime!


Elisabeth and James

[gallery link="file"]

Booties by Lanvin

Gold bracelet by Kara Ross

Dreamy coat by Elisabeth and James

Must have bag by Donna Karen

Ouh, let this seasons parties begin. I´ve yet again been searching the net and this is my definite dream wardrobe, that Donna Karen Bag will be mine, there is room for all my things in that divine creation... One day.

The Lanvins, maybe not, but a girl can still have dreams.

I´m off to Stockholm early in the morning, I´m having a look at La Redoutes new collection. Cant wait to see it, and to maybe stroll over to Weekday and Beyond Retro after the presentation. Have a great day!

Photo Sources: Pret-A-Porter and Purseblog

Just Lovely

karmenpedaru2 karmenpedaru3[gallery]

With my feet well planted on the brutally cold Norwegian soil again, this amazing series by one of my favorite photographer Camilla Åkrans for T magazine makes me lust after summer, and tropical nights. I love everything about this editorial. The styling, model (Karmen Pedaru), lighting, pose... Simply perfection...

Source: FashionGoneRogue

New Additions

burb[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Check out what came home with me yesterday. I´ve been drooling over these babies for moths and months, and yesterday I took the leap. I love them, and cannot believe how much longer my legs look. (I have a long leg obsession).

I´m leaving Texas today, its been a great, eventful and productive trip.Its sad to leave when its sunny and warm, when I know its a snowy Oslo that is waiting for me on the other side of the Atlantic... Laters Texans, Ill be back!

Photo Source: Browns and Burberry

Hippie Girl Shoot


Here are some behind the scenes shots from our Hippie Girl shoot we had with stunning and funny Phenix from PageParkes. We were stunting the shoot, using peoples porches without permission. Finally we met this sweet lady with the fairest Hippie House of them all... And Phenix, made us laugh as she was checking the curbs... I love my tights by the way, they are comfy and bronze, from Lindex...


Arent these pants nice? One of my styling favorites for sure. They are H&M, and super comfortable in jersey cottonhippie8

Kind of strange, but we were waiting for the sun to disappear...[gallery link="file"]

Finger Art


From top left Sandra Dini, Sevan, Sevan and Lucifer Vir Honestus

I´m not really a ring person, but these little things totally helps me seeing the light. I saw the jewelry at Barney´s the other day, and these pieces of art are from another world...I would wear them with a minimalistic dress, and very little extra bling. You like?

PS. Please can we get Barney´s in Norway?

Source: Barneys