My Buys

College Shirt

Er du og blitt glad i college t-skjorter (Les Isabel Marant ss2012), da har jeg isåfall et lite tips: Dere som følger oss på Instagram så kanskje denne for en liten stund siden... Men iallefall så snublet jeg over denne finingen på Dressmann (!) da jeg var å hentet inn noen klær. Jeg kom hjem med denne i to farger og er såå fornøyd..

Ups... The sales are on!

Jeg har et elsk hat forhold til salg. Liker å gjøre gode scoop, men hater kaoset. Jeg har blitt flinkere til å tenke over salgskjøpene mine, og ikke kjøpe bare fordi det er billig. Jeg lar meg lett friste, og helst burde jeg holde meg innendørs, men om man skal se noe positivt i å ha influensa, så er det akkurat det jeg har blitt pent nødt til å gjøre de siste dagene. Da jeg kom på bedringens vei, synes jeg så synd på meg selv at jeg mått kjøpe en liten sykepresang til meg selv. Litt halvtacky, men med riktig tilbehør blir de kanonkule, mener nå jeg.

Ended up with these shoes on sale the other day. I have been sick the last couple of days and needed a treat since I was feeling so sorry for myself. I think these would look good with the right styling...

Gina Tricot Event


Det er så mye som skjer av lanseringer og events om dagen, at vi ikke får tid til å legge ut alt. Her var jeg sammen med Silje på Gina Tricot sin Luxury event på Emil & Samuel. I den nye kolleksjonen var det rustfarger, kule skjorter og vakker strikk.

Har vi forresten tipset om dere verdens beste jeans? De heter Kristen Zip jeans og er under Perfect Jeans serien til Gina Tricot, og det er akkuratt det de er! De er supermyke og behagelige, fin i formen, vasken og rumpa.  De finnes i mange farger, og både jeg og Line har dem... Løp og kjøp!


There are some many events these days, here I am from a Gina Tricot Luxury event at Emil & Samuel. The collection consisted of rust colours and lots of beautiful knit!

By the way, we have to tip you about our favourite jeans of the moment. It´s from Gina Tricot´s Perfect Jeans collection and is called the Kristen Zip jean. They are super soft, they come in gorgeous washes and they fit great. Both me and Line got them, and love them!


Last outfit post from Texas this time around.. We went to the Butterfly museum to celebrate my mums birthday!

I am wearing my "brand new" vintage Celine wedges with a COS dress and necklace.. I have to show you some of the butterflies too, they were stunning and flying around everywhere..

Chanel Slippers

I got myself a little Chanel fix when we were at Moss Vintage in Austin... They look a little grandmothery, but I think they´ll look cute with shorts and skirts, and am hoping the weather stays nice and lovely in old Oslo, so I get to wear them!

Happy Easter!

Friendship bands

We all ended up buying handmade friendship bands at the Sunday market. Love how the fresh colours brightens up an outfit!

I remember I used to make these myself. Maybe I have to refresh my skills?

source; the last photos are from Oraclefox

When are you coming home to me?

I bought the PS1 on eBay before Christmas, but unfortunately the seller didn´t ship to Norway. I had to send it to a friend who lives in the US. I have been waiting for it for over 3 weeks now..... can´t wait to get it!

You can do so many scoops on eBay, but I recommend that when it comes to bags you should get it verified at the pursefourm. I always do that to ensure that I am not ending up with a fake one. There are so many fake bags out there and good fakes as well, but it´s easy to see the difference when you know what to look for.

Line & Jo

Bought some Line&Jo jewellery in Copenhagen during fashion week last February. I have been using them so much so now I have added some new items in my collection. I love that their pieces are constructed with an elegantly sophisticated detail embodied in an edgier, rawer and all around attention grabbing silhouette.

Miss Erlanger earring, Miss Ending earring and Miss Ebbens earring.

Miss Gillian Nelisson necklace, Miss Gilley Neason necklace, Miss Garnilla Newmann necklace.

Miss Eugena earring, Miss Ewell earring, Miss Neason necklace, Miss Ninni Black.

Miss Eugena earring, Miss Ewell earring, Miss Neason necklace.

Miss Ewell earring, Miss Neason necklace, Miss Ninni Black.

I see red..

I dropped by H&M yesterday and bought these leather-pants. I must admit that I have been waiting for the red ones after I saw the same model in black. Even tough I have got the red COS leather tights these ones are more like pants, with the zippers and the lining. They are quite similar to the ones from Isabel Marant but the price are so much better.

If you wan´t one you should hurry because they only get 25 pants delivered in Norway.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Here are two of my Black Friday buys. The trench is so comfy and beautiful, but I cant wear it till spring in Norway. The sequence shorts will jazz up my wardrobe and put a smile on my face, any day of the year.. Thank you Barney´s!

New in..

I didn´t do much shopping when I was away, but I brought back home some cashmere scarves in autumn colours...

and an ethnic belt which reminds me a little bit of an Etro belt I was craving a couple of years ago..

New shoes

Bought a new pair of MARNI shoes on sale in St.Tropez. Even though the summer is over in Norway I can’t wait to wear them with socks. I love the funny looking heals.

New Boots

I got myself a new pair of favorite autumn boots, they are from Nome, and will be worn frequently until the snow falls ( ps. forgot that I had hooked a belt buckle on my skirt..)...

St Tropez marked

I love markets, and the St. Tropez one was great, I fell in love with this vintage Luis Vuitton mailman bag and Line L wanted a LV suitcase... Next time maybe..? They also had flawless Hermes Birkins, but I never really understood the fuss about them.

Line L was wearing her gorgeous vintage Balenciaga sandals and got herself a super cool army trench jacket. I got a cuff and a ring, and a crazy gilet I´ll post later.

St. Maxime Outfit

I´ve grown very found of my COS dress, and wore it to one of our outings to Sainte Maxime. I got myself my new Pradas in a super cute vintage boutique here. And I´ve been wearing them ever since!!

Miu Miu

I have been looking so long for this Miu Miu bag and in February I found it on eBay. Lucky me! Love the suede leather and the colour combination....

Hello lover...

Its so hot outside, so I can´t show an outfit picture with the jacket yet. But its hanging in my closet and waiting for keeping me warm when the weather gets colder...


I am packing for our weekend trip to celebrate our good friend Janicke! I used the maxi dress from H&M on a shoot the other day, and it´s just like the T by Alexander Wang dress only lots cheaper (and not Wang...) The sunglasses I got from Gina Tricot, the belt is second hand the nail polish is Dior, American Vintage shorts, Vogue socks (I think..) and lovely huge wrap scarf from Black Lilly.. Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy B- Day dear Janicke!

New in my Closet

Booties from Friis (My Favorites) from Carpe Diem, Top from Zara/realized I´ve been a little stripy lately.. Jacket from H&M, am not sure about this.. I havn´t worn it, and don´t really think it´s me..? And last is the well blogged Cheap Monday dress ( couldn´t resist). I wore it to Cosmopolitan beauty awards, here together with Silje from Minmote and  Linda Johansen.


I finally got some time off to go home relax and spend time with my family and my blog. I got this cape at Tonica Vintage a few weeks ago, its cashmere, and super warm. And as you can see from the lovely x-mas holiday weather, I need it.

New Additions

burb[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Check out what came home with me yesterday. I´ve been drooling over these babies for moths and months, and yesterday I took the leap. I love them, and cannot believe how much longer my legs look. (I have a long leg obsession).

I´m leaving Texas today, its been a great, eventful and productive trip.Its sad to leave when its sunny and warm, when I know its a snowy Oslo that is waiting for me on the other side of the Atlantic... Laters Texans, Ill be back!

Photo Source: Browns and Burberry


image1xlimage2xlI just ordered these from Ive only had bad internet shopping experiences before, so Im a bit scared. I am hoping I wont get a mail saying the seller was unreliable this time..(From my ebay experience)

Anyways, I dont like the heel, so Ill def have to reheel them, but I am planning to wear only embellished tights all winter long, and with a chunky pair of wool socks I think these will be just right! Now, back to my money diet...

Style Bubble Inspiration

Bilde 3 Bilde 4Susie Bubble captured during fashion week by fantastic Tommy Ton for

Its hard to to find someone more genuine in her own taste than Susie, from StyleBubble. She has, a unconventional and fresh look on fashion, she is not afraid to play and have fun with clothes. She is doing her own thing, and it completely works. In my opinion Susie has one of the most inspirational Blogs there is. If you havnt read it yet you have been missing out. Check out Susies inspirational, amusing take on fashion here.

Chanel Cruise 2010

I went to see the Coco before Chanel film yesterday, it was mesmerizing, and it has made me google all things Chanel. Love this little behind the scene video.. Sorry it doesn´t really fit the screen, don´t know why it spills out so much, if anyone has a clue, please do share.

Portofino love

I have to admit I´ve fallen in love... With Italy! I´ve been plenty of times before, but this time was magical. I took a sick amount of pictures, so I will give you bits here and there so not to bore you.

porto4These are from the first day, when we went down to Portofino. The sea is bright turquoise and clear as ice.porto5

I´m afraid my outfits are a little on the unimaginative side, but I really couldn´t grasp that it was going to be 30 degrees and clear blue skies as I was packing in cold and rainy Norway. IT WAS SO HOT!I never learn to pack though, I always end up bringing all these crazy things that are really, either uncomfortable or very unpractical. No, I´m not a practical girl, but seriously.. I´m wearing the super soft cotton GAP shirt, Levi´s cut-offs, Rayban´s (Cat sunnies) Havanianas, and Diesel Bag. portoporto3porto2On the way to Genova we stopped at this little wine bar  that we drove past last year when I was here, it has the best view.

porto1If you are ever there you have to stop by to taste the best Bellini ever. It was made from fresh peaches from the garden. Mmmm, life doesn´t get much better than this.porto6Tomorrow, I have a deadline, and a press event. But after that I´m announcing the winner of the contest. So do remember to check in!

PS: I will announce the next contest on Friday.

Also keep commenting, either it´s good or bad, or if there is something you want me to write about.

A walk around Notting Hill

What I love the most about being here this time is that I´m not in a rush, so me and my friend Laila was wasting some time in Notting Hill yesterday. It´s weird, after all the shops are closed, the Portobello Rd is like a ghost town. nottinghillLaila and I used to hang out a lot, when i lived in London, and it is allways so good to go back and catch up. I love Lailas dress sense, so effortless and cool. Relaxed Londoner... Hehe

Her T is from Uniqlo, shorts are Diesel, the rest I can´t remember, sorry!

nottinghill6Laila has just come home from a trip around the world, and was carrying goods from India, both necklace and bag was from there.nottinghill5notytinghill3You probably recognize the top (TopShop) and shoes (Acne) I am wearing from here, belt is my mums old one, the shorts are from Weekday

My LDN buys so far

Okay, so its really not that major, but here is what I´ve bought. In my defense, I have been staying in my hotel working for most of the time. I did see this amazing uniform-ish leather Dolce & Gabbana vintage jacket on Monday, but when I came back for it yesterday, a lady had bought it right after I was in... I had been hanging there for 3 months... Dammit idag4Slouchy super comfy from Urban Outfittersidag3See threw relaxed 3/4 sleeve Tidag5Patrizia Pepe see threw finely knit top, I´m looking for the right time to wear it. It doesn´t look like much on the hanger though...


idag8Freedom @ TopShopidag9These I got from the sale @ Acne before I went. Am in love with them!idag10I got these from TopShop day day of the wedding. My feet were absolutely broken from running around in Super High heels all the time , so I had to get the most comfortable pair I could find. Its a good reason to get new shoes, but I probably wouldn´t get these if I could choose freely. TopShop has amazing shoes right now!

Ups! I slipped...

I am in between holidays and going to London next week, so I really should´t shop, I had actually given myself a ban... But today I stumbled into BikBok, where they had a sale...idag2I´m going to two weddings this summer, and this one shoulder fuschia dress is perfect for a summer wedding. And I really couldn´t believe that it wasn´t silk, I´m usually quite good at spotting it, but they fooled me. There was so many of it left too, so it was on 70% off, wich made out to be 100 kr, thats about £10. So an absolute bagain, and it fitted just right too. idag3I can never have enough of the tight mini dresses, this is slightly bleached and distressed cotton, and goes with every shoe in my closetidag4I wanted a very light pair of jeans, I was thinking of white until I saw this one, almost white super bleached jean, on sale for 199 kr. Its all about the nearly white denim this season.idag1Bowing my head in a shopping shame..

I´m wearing top from Gina Tricot, Skirt from H&M (I bought it 3-4 sizes too big so I could wear it scrupled)Hat from thrift shop in Miami and shoes are from Monki

Wish List

kiki-de-montpernasse kikii2010812867_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831637597_sx201_ t-bags preen ysl proenza-schoulerThese are the perfect items for my spring wardrobe. The fringy neckthing and the sheer body are both from Kiki de Montpernasse, The great dress are from T-Bags, the blazer is from Preen, The cool chain from YSL and the Shoes from Proenza Schouler..

From Net-a-Porter and Shopbop

I´m cleaning my closet, and actually contemplating getting rid of (whoa) some stuff, how ever scary it might sound... I feel like I will regret it soon after , and I always find use of my layaways from my parents loft after a few years, but I´m starting to understand I don´t have my parents loft space here, and it´s time..


 I still love and watch this film, its beautiful and inspirational. There is something so secretive and mysterious about the Olsen sisters which makes it even more interesting to hear them talk... Enjoy