My Shoots Backstage

Elle Summerparty

Line L hadde på seg en nyyydelig kjole fra Anna Sui og jeg kjørte hel leopard (ja...var littegranne craazy..) fra Zara, sko fra Celine og en mega stor veske.. Tenkte at da får jeg med meg hele sminkepungen, ekstra sko (Line L sine ekstra sko) kamera og masse tull..

Nydelige Maria (som vi forørig må gratulere med studieplass på Parsons!!!) kalte antrekket mitt for herlig vulgært, hehe, den tar jeg!

Vakre Elisa kom i neste sesongs fiiine shorts fra By Timo..

Gurrrrri i Marants

Fineste Bertine!

Line L hadde hatt en finger med i spillet på antrekket til nydelige Bertine, som etter min mening kom på førsteplass for fineste antrekk sammen med vakre Live fra Elle i Pucci kaftan..

Takk til Elle for en fantastisk fest og gratulerer med 15 år! Vi hadde det såå morsomt, selv om vi pent måtte innse at vi måtte parkere oss et sted pga litt feil skovalg (iallefall for min del, som så ut som bambi på isen i ALTFOR høye sko). Her var det utrolig mange kjente å hyggelige/morsomme mennesker og vi nøt norges beste people watching, goood mat/drikke i sittende stilling.

The perfect location

We had an amazing day today! Driving around in our super cute little rental KIA searching for the perfect location and found the perfect places. The model was amazing and we were so happy with the result. Finished today's shoot in the sunset!

Behind the scenes

Here are some behind scenes photos from last week´s photo shoot.

A bunch of lovely accessories.

Beautiful atmosphere.

I am doing the make-up on gorgeous Rikke.

Lovely surroundings.

Line K had picked so many great pieces.

Line K styling the model.

Monday`s photo shoot

Here are some behind the scene photos from Monday. The model is Gabriella from Heartbreak, and I am expecting to see A LOT of this girl in the future. This is actually the 4th shoot I´m doing with her, and I keep getting astounded by her beauty and fantastic personality. Watch out for this girl! The photographer was Veslemøy and Corinne did hair and Make-up. Rasmus was Veslemøys photography assistant. Can´t wait to see these photos!

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Stavanger part one..

Busy busy busy...I went to my hometown Stavanger last week, and did some great shoots there. Here are some pictures of the preperations for one of them. I was so happy when I found my old Burberry trench from the attic! I´ve been so busy this week I didn´t have time to post them sooner. Lame excuse (that I´ve used before), I know.. I also have a shoot tomorrow and Monday, so no time off for me.  Don´t feel sorry for me though, I have the best job in the world!!! Hehe. Have a great weekend everyone!

Shoot at Holmekollen Park Hotel


Here are some photos from a shoot I did for Norwegian Se og Hør at Holmekollen Park Hotell. Beauty queen Ingeborg Sørensen, Actress Marianne Vestby from the TV series Hotell Cesar and Editor in Chief of Henne Magazine and Norwegian Fashion ambassador, dancing with the stars contender (and the list goes on..) Ellen Arnstad, was the lovely celebrities I got to style. This was a very different experience for me, it was all really hectic, with short preparation time. And instead of lending next seasons clothes from press agencies and head offices, the magazine comes out in such a short time, so all the clothes was borrowed from stores around Oslo, to ensure that people can get a hold of them. It was a great experience working with these ladies, who knows exactly what they like and what they want to look like, contra working with models who gets paid to wear what I tell them too. If you wondered, I do like to do both! The best thing was, that they all desided to buy some of the stuff that I´d picked out for them, I take it as a compliment, hehe.


Ellen Arnstad looks smashing in a Oasis dress and those shoes from La Rare..lilisfashion2

One of my favorite styling items are these great Bianco shoes. They look so expensive when they´re on!


Ingeborg and Marianne, looked stunning, and was really lovely girls.


Hippie Girl Shoot


Here are some behind the scenes shots from our Hippie Girl shoot we had with stunning and funny Phenix from PageParkes. We were stunting the shoot, using peoples porches without permission. Finally we met this sweet lady with the fairest Hippie House of them all... And Phenix, made us laugh as she was checking the curbs... I love my tights by the way, they are comfy and bronze, from Lindex...


Arent these pants nice? One of my styling favorites for sure. They are H&M, and super comfortable in jersey cottonhippie8

Kind of strange, but we were waiting for the sun to disappear...[gallery link="file"]

Poolside Backstage


6 AM food, mail, work , coffee, make-up...


Gorgeous Caitlin from PageParkes models in Houston, was working the bikini.cait11

The pool looks nice, but it was absolutely freezing, so we had to be quick. Caitlin was a real trooper.


This is my job, can you believe it? Sometimes I need to remind myself how very lucky I am...


Another hard day at work is over... No, just kidding, it was amazing shooting in the sun with Veslemøy and Caitlin. We´ve had a quick look over the photos already, and I´m so excited to see the end result. Have a great weekend! We have another shoot in the morning, so it´ll be an early night..

Wednesdays photo shoot pt. 2

vib3vib2vib5vib4vib7vib9We had a great shoot on Wednesday with Vibeke form Team. Vibeke has been working a lot since last time I worked with her, and it was so much fun to work with her again. The Photographer was the talented Birgit Solhaug, her assistant was Silje Katrin, and on hair and make-up was Corinne.  I really think this shoot went well, wait for the result..

More after the Cut vib6vib11vib10

Shoot today and tomorrow...

birgitmegI´m exhausted, we had a really good shoot today, and in the morning I need to be sharp for yet another shoot, but I´m too excited so I can´t sleep.. I´ll promise to post lots and lots of backstage pics from today when I get back tomorrow. Insomnia go away.. I really need to get some sleep.

In the picture is photographer Birgit and me from todays shoot..

This is just a test..

tilde2tilde5tilde4tilde7tilde1tilde6tilde3Sometimes I need do tests for myself instead of thinking about which magazine it will suit, also to get some creativity out of  the system. I am so psyched, cause today I did a test with young, but very talented photographer Eirik Slyngstad, and beautiful Tilde from Heartbreak, I am really excited to see the result. I did hair and make-up as well, but it wasn´t too hard as Tilde has the best complexion Ive ever seen. The location is Vigeland Parc in Oslo.

Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago we did a shoot in the botanical garden in Oslo, it was a beautiful and fun filled day. This time its a long post, so I hope you like it.

I also want to say that even if I don´t always answer (I´m trying to get better) I really  do love the comments, and if you are like me, I used to be afraid to comment, don´t be, you can do it anonymously. The reason why I am saying this is that I see how many of you that checks out my blog every day, and I would love to hear from you, good or bad!

Anyways, here is the fun photo shoot, oh and I promise that as soon as any of the shoots are out on the newsstands I´ll post them!styleMe @ workviSkip Skip Skip tKirsti checked out the light, I took the opportunity to strike a pose.

mevibI was wearing my Increase the Peace t-Shirt from Cheap Monday, Sandals from Monki, thights from Lindex with zippers on the side, hat was my grandpas, and cardi from American Apparel.

gjengenvibBeautiful Vibeke from Team went to Paris the next morning, I think she´ll do well..

kirstiPhotographer Kirsti tried to be as descreet as possible

andreHair magician Andres... did not

altinaTina did the make-up

kirsvibekelineBag lady...

Pictures by Kirsti and myself